Draw, Paint and Innovate... Together

Magma Studio helps artists, teams and studios to create better art by allowing them to collaborate on a shared canvas in real-time


Professional creative software right in your browser

Magma Studio has all the features that you expect from a professional drawing & painting tool, with one major difference – it works directly in your browser!

Enjoy power of instant creativity without need to install anything. Starting your next masterpiece is literally as simple as opening a link in your browser.
Start your next masterpiecePresentation of Magma Studio drawing tools

Brainstorm on ideas & sketches faster than ever before.

Picture is worth a thousand words. Why waste your time trying to explain your concept to other people verbally or by sending over countless number of files, if you can simply sketch together with them in one document?

Nothing stimulates ideas better than group brainstorming. When it comes to remote collaboration, Magma is as good as it gets.
Start brainstormingIllustration of two people painting together in the same drawing

Share a canvas with others as if you were in the same room

Two heads are better than one – and a real team-based creative process can take your art to the next level. With Magma Studio, you can work on one drawing at the same time with as many as 30 people.

With additional collaboration features like chatting, everyone can get involved in the process.
Create shared canvasImage with a few people adding comments on an online picture
Photo of Bobby Chiu - Founder and Artist, co-owner of Imaginism Studios, Schoolism and LightBox Expo.
Magma Studio is a game changer for artists who don’t have access to professional painting and drawing programs. This is a one-of-a-kind program for any artist who is looking for a way to create digital works of art easily and accessibly, while being able to collaborate with others on any piece of art. Bobby Chiu Founder & Artist Imaginism Studios • Schoolism • LightBox Expo

Browser-based tool that works on every device

You can run Magma Studio on every device in the world. Macbooks, Chromebooks, enterprise laptops with Windows, iPad/Android tablets... you name it!

As a browser-based tool Magma Studio is truly universal, and you can use it anywhere and anytime. And the best part? It’s not only you! Everyone on your team can access your art and collaborate with you right away, regardless of what device they use and where they are.
Try Magma Studio in your browserPicture of a rabbit presenting all the environments where Magma Studios works: browsers, Chromebooks, iPads, tablets

Stay up to date and find peace of mind

Bugs happen, programs crash, and we all know how it feels to loose few hours worth of hard work. Magma autosaves your work and keeps it in safe the cloud.

No more confusion on which file version is the latest one - in Magma Studio everyone on your team can easily find latest version of any artwork.
Move your art to the cloudImage showing frog practising mindfulness, as a symbol of peace of ming which comes with Magma Studio autosaving your work
Excited to give it a try? Try Magma Studio for free If you’re planning to use Magma Studio for your Team or Studio, feel free tocontact sales to learn about available options