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Digital Marketing Specialist

Full time Remote - Europe preferred

The creative industry is stuck in the old way of working and thinking - most tools operate as single user tools with regular files and require users to fallback to Dropbox, Google Drive or email to share the work. Because of this, collaboration is difficult or in case of remote work sometimes not even possible.

Backed by Supernode Global and Lightbox Expo, Magma Studio is bringing state of the art real-time collaborative digital painting to over 40k users on a daily basis.

Digital painting is just the beginning… Imagine animation, vector, 3D tools & video which are accessible fully from the browser, by anyone, from anywhere. Creating content deserves to be a team sport.

As a Digital Marketing Specialist you will be responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies to help raise awareness about new art collaboration paradigm that Magma Studio brings into the creative space. As we embark on a mission to build a truly collaborative app for artists, you will be taking on an important responsibility of creating engaging content for professional artists, distributing it across multiple channels and engaging with the audience to understand the impact our efforts has on them. You will be also organising art events, collaborative drawing sessions and various conference activities.

Company values

  • Be kind.
  • Build something that you’ll be proud of.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.
  • Listening is harder than speaking.
  • Feedback is the best opportunity to grow.
  • Facts are more important than opinions.
  • Go the extra mile to make the user happy.
  • Eat your own dog food.

Work culture

We’re all adults. We trust you to do the work and as long as we communicate on standups, report blockers and ask for feedback - nobody will look over your shoulder.

Aside from customer and team meetings, you’ll have full flexibility when you work. Need to go to the gym or grab a drink with your friends during business hours? Knock yourself out. ;)

We want you to not only feel part of the team, but actually BE part of it. You will be able to affect the culture, values and processes yourself. Your feedback and input will be valuable.

What you’ll need:

  • Good understanding of following areas of digital marketing: SEO, social media, content marketing, email marketing

  • Knowledge on how to plan and execute marketing strategy

  • Understanding of key measurement tools:

    • At least one user analytics tool (Google Analytics or similar)
    • At least one marketing automation tool (Mailchimp or similar)
    • At least one SEO analysis tool (SEMrush or similar)
  • Ability to use these tools to make data-based decisions

  • Previous experience in a marketing role:

    • (Digital) Marketing specialist
    • Brand manager
    • Content marketer
    • … or similar
  • Spoken & written English proficiency

  • Good writing skills

  • Interest in art

  • Willingness to try new things and always look ways to improve

  • Self-motivation and remote work skillset

It would be great if you have:

  • Art degree or experience working in animation or game industry (not necessarily as an artist)

  • Interest in various art areas (concept art, animation, game art) and mediums (2D, 3D, VR, etc)

  • Personal projects:

    • Social media profiles
    • Blog
    • Twitch / YouTube channels

Your typical day might include:

  • Performing market research to understand on key art and artist trends and interests

  • Collaborating with marketing manager on creating company marketing strategy

  • Executing marketing strategy, for example:

    • Creating engaging content:

      • Video tutorials
      • Blog posts
      • Social media posts
      • Community newsletters
    • Representing company on various art conferences

    • Managing content on our website including Community, Events and other sections

    • Finding and highlighting outstanding artists and studios already using the product

    • Organising collaborative drawing sessions:

      • Streaming on company social media profiles
      • Publishing recorded videos on our website and social media
      • Guest events on partnering channels and conferences
  • Working closely with the product team:

    • Collecting artist feedback and ideas which will stem from the content that you create
    • Providing your own observations on art community needs and thoughts
    • Educating our team on findings from market research

We think you’ll love to work with us, because:

  • We share your passion for art

  • We’re an informal company with a flat structure where everyone has a voice

  • We’re a small team and we often wear many hats; you’ll have the opportunity to grow your skillset beyond the marketing in some adjacent areas which interest you, some possible tasks that you can opt in to help with:

    • Moderating online communities (Discord / Facebook / Reddit);
    • Running beta testing sessions;
    • Performing user research sessions and documenting the results;
    • Supporting current users and event partners;
  • We treat everybody with equal respect regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, national origin or any other basis

  • We put a lot of emphasis on building a great remote work culture

  • You’ll be able to learn how startups work from inside-out

  • You’ll make a lot of meaningful connections with other people, including some amazing, world-renowned artists

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