90 Minute Art Challenge #30

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Do this fun illustration challenge with artists Bobby Chiu, Masae Seki and Eric Canete and get better at art! Download the same image they’re using here: https://90minartchallenge.tumblr.com/post/636852266743316480/art-mash-up-challenge-30-photo-by

Photo by Katrina G, Ed Robertson, Matthew Schwartz and Chema photo

During this exercise, your challenge will be to paint a mash-up illustration in 90 minutes inspired by the photo references (Inspired by Mindy Lee’s Mashup Art Challenge https://www.instagram.com/mindyleedoodles/). Paint along with Bobby, Masae and Eric and see how they do it on the Magma Studio app.

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Hosted by:
Bobby Chiu logo Bobby Chiu

Art and positive vibes ☮️. Co-owner of Imaginism Studios, Schoolism, LightBox Expo and Magma Studio. Emmy winner for Niko and the Sword of Light

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