Secret Wars Digital Round 13

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The Team sistas was ist das? around the artists Anne and Kathi won their second battle in a row and now will defend their title against a team from Nurenberg.

The crew YO! HKS consists of the artists and kL52 will try to dethrone the queens and take their crown away.

Both crews have 30 minutes to paint their artwork. They are only allowed to paint in black and at the end 3 points will be awarded, to determine the winner.
The first point comes from a judge, the second point from the audience via voting and the third point comes via the auction of the artwork.
The picture with the higher bid gets the 3rd point. 50% of the proceeds go to the artists and the other 50% to our friends from Viva Con Agua.

Check both crews out:



Besides Facebook Live you can also follow us on Twitch:
and watch the show also on
and if you want to compete in a battle sign up for one of the dates directly at
and be part of the Secret Wars Artist Family

Friendly supported by Magma Studio
IRIEDAILY fritz-kola Montana Cans (official)

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Two crews each with two artists have 30 minutes to design their digital canvas. It is only allowed to paint in black and there are no specific topics. Afterwards 3 points are awarded by the judge, the spectators and the auction of the artworks. Get your A3 FineArtPrint unique and support Viva con Aqua and our artists.

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