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What is a TALK’N DRAW?

TALK’N DRAW is an evening event where professional and amateur designers participate to draw together on a single digital canvas thanks to Magma Studio. During the event we discuss topics useful to the artistic path of any kind of designer, illustrators, graphic designer, cartoonist, animator etc..

The theme of the TALK’N DRAW of February 17th will be “Videogames”, how they influenced us in our artworks and how they can be a deep inspiration. We’ll also interview Ilaria Panicale, animator, Vittorio Truffarelli, graphic designer and Marcin Piekarzewski 3D environment artist.

Who are the organizers?

Aurora Stano:

Illustrator and traveler. She loves traveling to draw and drawing to travel.

The Pirate Dude (Dave):

Handyman who loves to find solutions to any problem. The technological and technical heart of the “Life as a Designer” community.

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Hosted by:
Vita da Disegnatore logo Vita da Disegnatore

The “Vita da Disegnatore” (“Life as a Designer”) community. It is the Italian community that aims to support all types of designers by creating useful content to develop their artistic career.

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