Hey digital artist,

Are you a new user of Magma Studio? Or maybe you have been using our tool for a long time?

Doesn’t matter! At whatever stage you are, knowing the functionality of Magma Studio will be very useful to understand the possibilities it offers.

In the following article, you will learn what’s the biggest values for personal and business use to work with team of artists. But not only, you will learn also step by step where to find the necessary functions and how to use our innovative drawing tool like a PRO.

Launch Magma Studio on your graphic tablet now, read the instruction down below and learn from it!

Now, why are we even talking about Magma Studio? What’s the point of this program? Well, how about the basic version, it’s free.

And PRO plan comes with a ton of extra features including possibility to save projects in PSD format for further work or such an option as voice chat. Yes! You’re being able to talk with each other to actually truly draw and just jam with each other and have conversation.

How about you don’t have to download any software, install any software. You can use this off of a simple Google Chromebook that can’t even install programs, just use Google Chrome to use the software and away you go.

How about you can paint and draw with up to 30 of your friends. All painting and drawing on the same board at the exact same time.

What else? Many professional game dev and animation studios use our application for their daily work. Magma Studio is a great tool that can be used in the first stages of work on artistic concepts.

You can use magma for processes such as:

But to the merits. If you are interested in how to quickly and efficiently work with Magma Studio, read the description of the most important functions that you will find in our program and understand how you can quickly optimize your workflow.

First, see the little cheat sheet down below to find out which shortcuts will correspond to which functions as a default:

App cheatsheet

Would you like to create your own keyboard shortcuts? Nothing could be easier! We have created something special for all the people that love shortcuts. :)

You can go up to edit application settings, shortcuts and create all these various shortcuts based on your preferences and habits. Just press shortcuts, you’ll see all these various categories of shortcuts.

Transform tool

Transform tool screenshot
Usually, in some programs, you press Ctrl T or Command T to Transform, but when you're using a browser, when you click on Command+T or Ctrl+T you open up a new tab.

So with Magma Studio, it's Shift+T. Once you transform something, some programs you press enter to finish the transformation.

In Magma Studio, you just go to a new tool and then you can get out of that.


Pencil tool screenshot
Now pencil that is kind of like brush but extremely jagged edge, from extremely hard edged down to very pixel.

Shape tools

Shape tools screenshot
One is a rectangular shaped tool. The other one is an ellipse shaped tool.

Hand tool

Hand tool screenshot
Hand tool is just like the space bar that you can use in other drawing softwares and then we have rotate over here, and then we have zoom.

Top bar

Top bar screenshot

These buttons up here these are generally for people that use phones, tablets, where they don’t have access to a keyboard very easily.

We have the Undo tool, we have the redo tool, we have zoom in zoom out, we have flop, we have horizontal, flipping horizontally.

Now the interesting thing with this is that if when you flipped it, and you were on the same painting with the other artist, you wouldn’t have noticed that thing. It only flips it for you. Because Magma Studio is a collaborative app and everything there is designed for collaboration.

Then we have the Rotate button, rotate the other direction and then reset.

The colors

Color wheel screenshot
You can switch back and forth between foreground and background color, or press the letter X to switch back and forth.

On the color wheel we have the hues, the saturation, the darkness lightness with you can set up manually.

Personal Presets

Personal presets screenshot

You use the tool, and you want to get back to that tool with the exact same settings? Just click on that, and then you can get back to the settings you created for yourself earlier.

Paint Brush settings

Brush size multiplier

Brush size multiplier screenshot
Next to the brush size setting, you can find a little X button. You could just click and drag for the size of the brush that you would like to use.

Mapping pen pressure sensitivity to brush size

Pen pressure sensitivity mapping to brush size screenshot
Next we have here, a little box with a little Paint Brush inside. This paint brush whenever you click into it, it means that this attribute now, this size will now be controlled or affected by pen pressure. So when you press lighter you will get a smaller brush, when press harder you get a larger brush.

Attribute density

Brush density pen pressure sensitivity mapping screenshot
Attribute density it's kind of the rate at which the paint will come out of your brush. So if we have really high density, then you can see everything comes out very quickly. If we have very low density, you can see it takes a while before we get to that 100% of capacity.

When you tick a little box available in density options, you can control the density with pen pressure, so you can have it affect your density a little bit.

Minimum size for pen pressure

Brush density screenshot
If you're pressing really light, what do you want the minimum size to be, so if you want it to be as little as possible, you could bring it all the way down to zero.


Brush stabiliser screenshot
Let's say you want to do a brush stroke. When your stabilizer will be turned on, you can see that there's a bit of a delay, but also the brushstroke is far smoother. So the more you turn up the stabilizer, the more of a delay there is, the less you turn up the stabilizer, the less smoothness you'll have of your brush.


Brush stabiliser screenshot
Shape allows you to change the various brushes that you have. You can scroll down to see that there's a tiny little handlebar there. This line divides the brush options from the layer options. Some brushes, as you can see with the default brush, have an option - hardness or softness. You can have a soft edge brush or a hard edge brush.
Pro brushes screenshot
With the subscription, if you get the PRO plan, you get all other brushes which are unavailable in the free version.

Layer options

Lock transparency

Layer lock transparency screenshot
To use that, you need to click a little lock box in your panel. What does it do?

Let's say, you painted something on your canvas, but you don't want to paint outside your picture. Thanks to lock my transparency option you don't have to worry about painting outside of the lines because I've locked the transparency. So you can only paint over top of what's already been painted.

Blend mode

Layer blending mode screenshot
Next we have the pasty of the layer and blend mode of the layer which you could set it to screen you know all sorts of different blend modes.

Leave button

Layer leave button screenshot
Next we have leave button now if you press this button, don't worry you're not going to leave the document. It just means you're going to leave your current layer and lock it for other users who draw with you on the same canvas.

And now this one is great. That way, there's no chaos. As you can imagine, if more than one person can draw on one layer, it becomes totally chaotic. You can just double-click on the layer to get it back.

Duplicate layer

Duplicate layer button screenshot
Next we have duplicate, if you want to duplicate or layer.

New layer button

New layer button screenshot
Next, we have the new layer button, very important right there above the trash can.

Magnifying glass.

Layer search button screenshot
This is a search layers function. This is really great.

Let's say, you have a layer which has a tiny little fly, tiny little insect in the image. And you have 100 layers, and you want to know where is my little fly image, then you can just write in the name of that layer. And you can see that's the only image that shows up.

If you had a bunch of people working together, all making different layers, you want to find out your own layers, then you could just type in your username. That's why it's always good to create a username. And you'll be able to save your settings. So it's very, very useful to make an account.

Lock button

Layer lock screenshot
Now next, we have here the lock button. The lock button means that you cannot paint in the layer anymore.

Clear button

Layer clear button screenshot
The next button we have is the clear button. So just like that, everything's cleared.

Clipping button

Layer clipping buttons screenshot
Okay, and next to that we have the clipping button. This is another kind of form of locking the transparency. When you hit the clipping mask button, this allows to paint again very freely without having to worry about painting outside the lines. And then you can release it by clicking on the button again.

We have also these two buttons with arrows down. Both are a form of merge. What this will do is it will take the contents of whatever's on my layer and merge it with the layers below.

Remember. There is a maximum of 100 layers that you can make in Magma studio And you can have up to 30 people all drawing and painting together at the same time.

Sometimes you can reach that maximum of 100 layers and if you want to keep painting with all of your friends. But you don’t want to lose your layer., so you can to merge the things on your layer to layer below. Then this buttons comes in handy. You can only merge things to the layer below if you own both of those layers. So in other words, you cannot merge your stuff onto somebody else’s layer. Because you can again, you can tell how chaotic that could become.

Browser recommendations and other tips & tricks

Do you experience some lags on iPad, or just on regular PCs?

Use recommended browser, try smaller canvas size - read more in our iPad guide.

Do you have a pen-pressure sensitivity issues within the brushes? Check our guide here.

When you are using your tablet, is it difficult to see your layers? Adjust layout by clicking “gear” icon in the right pane, and then selecting “Two columns” layout

What else?

If you go to drawing settings, you can create a password. You can show cursors of all the users or make them invisible. And, as admin, you’re able to kick people off of your board if you need to.

And there you go, everybody. :)

So that’s Magma Studio! A fantastic drawing app where you can draw for free with up to 30 artists simultaneously, or get the PRO or STUDIO plan and get all these brilliant features to work like a professional in your game or animation studio.

Don’t wait any longer!

Launch Magma Studio in a new window and test each of the features yourself:

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Launch Magma Studio in a new window and test each of the features yourself.

Do you have more questions or doubts if our tool is for you?

In the STUDIO plan, we are able to adjust the entire user panel to you and even create additional functions necessary to work in your professional visual studio.

Sounds interesting? Write to us here.

Thank you for being with us and using Magma Studio.

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