Background art by Masae Seki

Thank you for all the amazing submissions!

We will be announcing results on September 12th, 1:30pm PT during our "Magma Studio: The Art of Collaboration" talk

Collaborative Drawing Contest

Grab your team of 3, and unleash imagination with the Magma Studio Challenge. Show off your creativity and win 3 Wacom One Pen Displays for your crew + 1 year of Magma Studio Pro !

Step into professional artist shoes! Join our contest, and stand a chance to win some great prizes doing what you love - digital painting!

Invite 2 friends, inspire and learn from each other, and have fun painting together!

If you don’t have anyone to build a team with, don’t worry and join the Lightbox Expo Discord Group and our channel #questions-magma where you can find talented art buddies happy to join the contest with you.

You will also need someone who has the necessary skills and experience to produce specific creative visions. Among these people are your scriptwriters - the Magma Studio creative team.

Enter and Closing Date

Submissions must be posted between September 7th start of day to September 10th end of day (PST timezone). Late submissions are not guaranteed to be considered.

Winning teams will be announced during the “Magma Studio: The Art of Collaboration” talk on Sunday, September 12th - 1:30PM. Please see the Lightbox Expo Schedule for more information. You will need to register for Lightbox if you haven’t already done so.

What is the Magma Studio Challenge?

We invite all artists to unleash their creativity and share their unique vision based on a brief provided, using our Magma Studio App.

The great thing about concept drawing is that anything is possible!

How to enter?

Elligibility criteria

  • Be elligible to use the Magma Studio app as per the Terms of Service.
  • Be a registered participant of the Lightbox Expo Online 2021 conference.
  • Be outside of countries targated with US sanctions (Cuba, Iran, Syria, Crimea, Iraq, North Korea) - sorry :(


  • The team that does the best artwork together, as judged by our committee, is the winner.
  • We accept applications by the end of Friday (midnight), September 10th 2021 noon, Saturday 11th, 2021 (PST timezone), so that the jury can evaluate the works and choose the best ones.
  • It has to be teamwork. Make sure to highlight individual contributions.
  • The entire process must be done in Magma Studio.

The drawing must fit the brief description as described below.


You are working together on a screenplay for a movie scene. The creative director showed you a photo of the location where the special effects will be applied:

add 2 characters and 1 transportation vehicle (rocket, spaceship, portal, etc.) to the sample landscape

The task is to add 2 characters and 1 transportation vehicle (rocket, spaceship, portal, etc.) to the sample landscape.

The scene should present two imaginary characters working together to build a rocket, spaceship or portal that will help them to escape this planet and head back home to the planet visible on the sky of the landscape.

Keep the stylistic similarity of the characters.

Other background pictures that you can choose from:

Tip 1: Artists are free to choose the style of character appearance and actions that the characters perform
Tip 2: Changing the background is optional, but needs to still look like it's in the same location/feel

How your art will be evaluated by the jury?

First, each entry is screened by the Magma Studio Challenge team to make sure it meets the contest requirements.

The jury will judge on the basis of Instagram carousel posts with workflow description so that the jury can evaluate the work process and the way of cooperation between the artists.

The jury will select 10 best entries that meet all criteria in order to select the best of them in the next stage of the evaluation.

The jury will evaluate the entries based on the following criteria, awarding points to specific categories:

  • Team work, - max 5 point
  • Creativity, - max 5 point
  • Shadow arrangement, - max 5 point
  • Light arrangement, - max 5 point
  • Perspective, - max 5 point
  • Characters' proportion - max 5 point
  • Realism of the situation. - max 5 point

The maximum number of points a team can score is 35.

The winning team will receive a Wacom One Pen Display for each member of the team, 1 year subscription of Magma Studio Pro, and have their creative work featured across channels of Magma studio and Wacom.

Some submissions may be showcased on Magma Studio website and in social media, but also in the social channels of Wacom and Lightbox Expo.

We are also preparing prizes for the 2nd and 3rd place!

Remember, bo be eligible to win, you must fill in the application form.

The deadline for submissions is end of day September 10th, 2021 (midnight, PST) noon, Saturday 11th, 2021 (PST).

Is there any prize?

Awards for the winning teams:

  • 1st place - 3 Wacom One Pen Displays and a year of Magma Studio Pro
  • 2nd place - Magma Studio Pro for a year
  • 3rd place - Magma Studio Pro for a year

Everyone who joins the contest receives Magma Studio Pro for 1 month.

The winning teams will be invited to a joint drawing session with Magma Studio or artists representing Magma Studio on the agreed date.

Meet our judges

Magma Studio Challenge submissions will be juried by a group of distinguished artists and professionals with overlapping expertise in a variety of visual and performing arts. Teams will be judged on both creative and technical skills, originality and outstanding teamwork skills. Meet our Jurors and Consultants.

Maureen Fan

CEO of Baobab Studio
8x Emmy and 2x Annie-winning, the world's leading independent interactive narrative Animation Studio Their game INVASION!, starring Ethan Hawke, launched to substantial critical acclaim and has become the top downloaded VR app. Maureen has held leadership roles in film, gaming, and the consumer web. She was VP of games at Zynga, where she oversaw three game studios, including the FarmVille sequels. Her collaboration, The Dam Keeper, directed by Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo, was nominated for the 2015 Oscar Best Animated Short. Maureen was also named one of “The Most Creative People of the Year” by Ad Age for 2016. Top 100 Influential Asians by A100, and Variety crowned her as one of the execs to watch, earning a spot on their ‘Top Digital Creatives’ list.

Masae Seki

Character Designer at Imaginism Studios
Masae Seki is a Japanese artist, born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She is an outstanding character designer and illustrator for movies, TV shows and book publishing. Masae has illustrated numerous books for Disney and is a character designer on the Netflix film ”The Christmas Chronicles” (2018), produced by Chris Columbus and directed by Clay Kaytis. Masae works closely with Bobby Chiu at Imaginism Studios - a Toronto-based studio specializing in pre-production character and concept design for film, TV, gaming, and publishing. Masae is a very talented artist who often uses Magma Studio in her work as well as during workshops conducted on YouTube together with Bobby Chiu.

Don Varga

VP of Marketing at Wacom
Don began his career as a Product Designer in San Francisco first developing electronics and then moving into subsequent roles in product management and marketing. A passionate advocate for the arts and art education, Don found the perfect marriage of his personal and professional interests in Wacom.

Who is sponsoring this contest and why?


Wacom inspires and equips people to make the world a more creative place. As the world’s leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface solutions, Wacom brings people and technology closer together through our natural, intuitive interface technologies.

Wacom’s products have been used by loyal customers to create some of the most exciting digital art, films, special effects, fashion and product designs. They have also played a significant role in making technology accessible in a natural and intuitive way through pen tablets, interactive pen displays, digital interface solutions, stylus products and creative companions. These all make it possible for everyone to express their creativity in digital media, whether they be artists, business executives or people enjoying everyday creativity.

Magma Studio

Magma Studio is an online painting, drawing tool and browser-based collaboration platform for artists, digital artists, digital art educators, game designers, creative teams and professional visual studios.

Join our community, spark your creativity, improve your skills and brainstorm with other artists on a shared canvas in real-time… directly in your browser. Hassle-free, no installation required.

Draw, paint and innovate… Together.

Because we know how important tools are when working with digital drawing, we decided to join forces with the market leader Wacom to provide you with the best experience while using our application. We are sure that when you combine these two tools in one common body, your imagination and creativity will boil like lava … or rather Magma. :)

Yes! It is your ideas that we care most about.

Submission requirements

Post your artwork on Instagram following the guidelines below:

A. Submit at least 5 screenshots of your team work process and the final artwork as a carousel post, to the Instagram account of your Team Lead. The screenshot should give us a glimpse into your creative process.

B. Name your team in your post and tag other team members’ Instagram profiles.

C. Tag - @magmastudioapp / add hashtag - #magmachallenge.

D. Add a short description of which part of the drawing every team member was responsible for.

A series of screenshots (or video) should contain each stage of the creative process (sketch, outlines, shading, details, final picture), presenting a Magma Studio canvas with participants' cursors.

Then submit the final result using the form below.

Submit your artwork

Ready to submit your final result?

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